My Winter Reading List

I am 80% done with my Goodreads reading challenge where I pledged to read 150 books this year. How I found the time, I’ll never know but I thought I’d share what books I’ve added in my to-read list for the remaining months of 2017.


Shades of Magic Trilogy – VE Schwab



I’ve already started reading the first book – A Darker Shade of Magic – and so far I am liking VE Schwab’s writing style and imagination. Kell is an antari and one of only two people in the world who can travel through the three Londons: Grey London – the city without magic, White London – the city where people are starved for magic (and everything else) but just cannot gain access to it – and Red London, a thriving kingdom where magic is alive and abundant.

I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy if the first 50% of Darker Shade is any indication of the quality of it.


The Legend Trilogy – Marie Lu




This one has been on my to-read list for ages. I think I bought the books 2 years ago and since then they have been gathering dust on my shelf. Its supposed to be really good and its got amazing reviews on Goodreads but I just never found the time for it. Ah well, its time to take it out of retirement. This trilogy is a retelling of Les Miserables and is more dystopian than fantasy. I vaguely remember starting the first book but I think I liked the writing style enough to buy the next two, so I’m excited to rediscover and review it in the next couple of months.


The Dark Artifices Trilogy – Cassandra Clare



Wow, I can sense a theme going here. I seem to be populating this list with trilogies. I’m on the fence about starting this one because the last book is not out until September 2018 and I simply cannot wait that long for the conclusion of this trilogy (even though I’ve not started it yet). I make it a point to never start a trilogy if all three books have not been published yet! This series is still set within the Shadow Hunter world and – haters gonna hate – I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m quite excited about it actually! It also explores the parabatai bond that I’ve already confessed to being fascinated about when I reviewed the Infernal Devices trilogy.


Behind Her Eyes – Sarah Pinsborough





This one was recommended by one of my book club friends and the blurb says it has one of the most amazing twists I’ll ever read this year. Hmm, we’ll see. I’m not that big a fan of books that’s all about the ending but I can never resist a good twist.


How To Stop Time – Matt Haig



I picked up this book and thought it was remarkably similar to the plot of The Age of Adaline but again, this is one of those tropes that if I find them in books I just can’t resist buying said books. I like the concept of people being around for centuries and the lives they’ve led, the loves they’ve lost. The cover is also really beautiful. I can’t wait to crack on with this one.


Midnight Labyrinth – Elizabeth Hunter



Elizabeth Hunter is one of my go-to authors on Kindle. I’ve been hesitant to read her latest offering because I’ve waited for Ben and Tenzin’s story for ages but the reviews are saying that this is not a romance. What? What?! WHAT?! This relationship needs to happen NOW Elizabeth, I don’t care how inappropriate (age difference and all) it is. There is no one that’s as good for Tenzin as Ben. Sigh. Guess I have to settle for reading more of their adventure and looking for hints and undercurrents of romance in their interactions. I’m sure if I read between the lines, I can find – or make up – a few! Lol


Outlander – Diana Gabaldon


I know, I know, if I read this book then I’m committing to reading the gazillion number that has already been published within this series (exaggerating, but I think there must be at least 10) but I’ve had loads of people, including my boss, recommend this to me already. And again, I love time travel books, absolutely love them. In fact, I love the concept of time travel in general. If I had the brains for it, I would definitely build a time machine and travel back in time.

I’ve heard about this series ever since I was old enough to appreciate romance novels and this has just been turned into a tv series, so maybe its time to jump on the bandwagon and see what the fuss is about.


Bountiful – Sarina Bowen




Again, this is one of my go-to Kindle authors. I love romance novels by Sarina Bowen because they always seem to have the right balance of sweetness, angst and sexiness that makes for good winter-time reading. I like her writing style and I look forward to reading all of her upcoming books.

Also, check out the abs on that cover! lol


Year One – Nora Roberts



Ladies and gentlemen, Nora Roberts has gone dystopian. Like other true artists, Nora constantly tries to reinvent herself by tackling different genres. At present, I’m a bigger fan of her In Death books as JD Robb than I am of her most recent Nora Roberts ones, but I am excited about this shift in gears to dystopian/fantasy. I think there was nothing wrong with her writing, she was just in need of fresh ideas. I’m excited to see what dystopian Nora reads like.





That’s it folks. I do still have a life and I expect to be busy with Christmas parties, shopping and travelling (spending Christmas in Switzerland this year!) and the like so sadly, I must put a limit to this list. Hope you find something in this list to interest you.


Happy reading, bookworms!