New Year’s Day – Taylor Swift

Like any true Swiftie, I could not wait another week to listen to Taylor’s new album on a streaming platform so I gave in and forked over 10£ to the corporation that is Taylor Swift. And while most of the songs on Reputation ranges from average to good to great, the true gem comes with the last song, the only ballad on an album filled with hate-tracks that took cattiness to a whole new level.

New Year’s Day is a hopeless romantic’s dream. It gave me all sorts of feels. Its every hope you have at the start of a new relationship tied together in one song. Its soft, haunting and lyrically beautiful. Taylor’s talent for writing songs have always been overshadowed by the fact that people only comb through her words to look for clues about who the song is about. But if you take the time to just listen to her words rather than looking for the slight to Kim Kardashian-West, you’ll realise just how gifted she is as a songwriter. And you don’t have to look any further than New Year’s Day for proof of that.

SO I’m dedicating an entire page to breakdown the lyrics to this beautiful song that I’ve been playing on repeat since 7am this morning, and highlighting my favourite lines.


Taylor sets the scene by describing the aftermath of a party.

You can just imagine it, when night becomes dawn and everything is winding down and you find yourself with the only person you can imagine ending it with.



And then, this line.




Honestly Taylor. You kill me.


And the carnage goes on when she tells her new love:



Awwww. Let’s hope you mean it this time.


Seriously, the woman even makes cleaning sound romantic as evidenced by this line in the chorus:



Taylor  knows herself and her history, so its really heartbreaking when she makes this plea:





And it certainly feels like self-talk when she sings:




I am enamoured of this Taylor who’s so protective of her private life. Call this song contrived if you like but its just incredibly beautiful. I’m going to finish this post so that I can listen to it a couple hundred more times.