The Man – New Music By The Killers


Every time one of my favourite artists release a new album, I find myself getting really nervous. I mean, few artists ever really live up to the promise of their first few releases. I don’t know a lot of artists who have the kind of longevity that say, Michael Jackson, had. The truth is, we live in a fickle world where you have to constantly reinvent yourself to stay relevant. Sticking to your musical integrity does not necessarily mean sticking to the same old sound. I guess its the same with The Killers. The albums they release can’t be all Hot Fuss or Sam’s Town, can they? And Read My Mind was one of those really rare songs that come once in an artist’s career and there’s no point trying to replicate that in each song they make. So it’s not that much of a surprise that they’re trying to go in a different direction with the lead single off their much anticipated ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ album, titled The Man.

Did they have to veer so far with this one though? I’m not sure about The Man to be honest. The first time I listened to it, I thought, wow, what a letdown. I mean, Battle Born wasn’t great but it was still recognisable as The Killers. This felt really 80s synth-pop. I listen to it and I imagine the kind of music video that has gyrating bodies and really cheesy graphics. That being said, I don’t know if its because I just can’t bring myself to hate anything that The Killers release, but the song grew on me after a couple of listens. I’m hoping that this lead single is not representative of what the rest of the album is like. I need my anthem songs, the kind that I will shout at the top of my lungs when I go to see them live for the very first time at Barclaycard British Summer Time on the 8th of July.

You’re still The Man, Brandon. But I need more.

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