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The 100th and How Blogging Saved My Sanity

When I was a kid growing up I was obsessed with the Sweet Valley series. Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield were a big part of my childhood and they were probably one of the biggest influences of my adolescent years. I was gutted when I learned that having twins in the family was a genetic thing because that meant I’d never give birth to identical twin girls that I can dress in matching outfits (now that I’m older I find myself eternally grateful for that! Lol)

As a special edition, Francine Pascal published a ‘Secret Diaries’ edition where readers can be privy to the twins’ innermost thoughts. I read all three volumes of each twin’s diary and this was what inspired me to start my own. I bought my first diary, padlocks and all, when I was 9 and carried on feverishly writing every detail, every significant event (my first period covered three whole pages! Lol), every crush, that first heartbreak, friendships gained and lost, all up until I was around 15.

Overall I think I must have around 10 to 12 volumes total, and it still amuses (and embarrasses) me to read some of them when I go home and think about how simple life was back then even though it probably seemed incredibly complex to a teenager; how I wish my problems today are as simple as whether this one guy likes me or not. Oh wait.Hahahaha

It got a bit harder to find the time to write in a diary as I studied Nursing, and I guess you reach the age where experiences come in waves and there’s simply no time to do anything but ride it out and pray that you land on your feet. It became too difficult to articulate everything I was feeling.

Of course blogging is a completely different format. I mean for one thing, its not exactly secret. In fact the whole point is to reach as many people as possible. You put so much of yourself in the public eye and if I really think about how much I’m opening myself up to possible censure and judgment (I’m sure there’s a fair percentage of the population that wonders who the hell I think I am) I never would have had the courage to start this blog.

But the thing I always remind myself is that I started this for ME. Even if I’m the only one who ever reads my posts (I know they’re a bit long!) I still gain satisfaction from seeing my thoughts put into words. Its so therapeutic to pour out the contents of your mind. When I’m going through something, I am able to blog about how I feel even if I can’t exactly disclose the full details. And when I like something, say a book or what have you, I’m able to share it and communicate with other people who may love it too.

When I started to seriously blog, I discovered a whole community of people who have the same interests as I do. There are a lot of book lovers and book reviewers out there for one thing, and its amazing to think that you can somehow influence their choice of reading material. Blogging about books has opened doors for me and have brought opportunities my way that I never thought were possible. There are also a lot of single people out there who go through the same problems that most single people do when it comes to dating.

I’ve always been very careful to ensure that my virtual life and social media presence doesn’t supersede my actual life. But there’s no denying the fact that blogging was a way for me to unwind and vent and release my frustrations at a time when I really needed it the most. Without it I think I would have gone mental.

And I’m so grateful that there are people out there who actually follow this blog. And I’m writing this massive thank you to my first 100 followers. This was my goal before the year ends, to reach 100 followers, and I’m so happy to have done that. Thanks for putting up with the sap, the drama and the occasional whining. Its been a pleasure blogging and finding my voice again. This is a really awesome way to end the year.

Cheers! Xx